10R08_Lac-Etchemin Residence First CLT-constructed single-family residence in North America

 Location: Lac-Etchemin, Québec, Canada
 Status: Completed in 2012
 Budget: 450 000 $
 Area: 259,5 m2 (2793 sq.ft.)
 Certification: LEED® Canada pour les habitations Platine

First CLT-constructed single-family residence in North America

TERGOS designed and constructed this home located on the shore of Lac-Etchemin. Its simple volumetry, which literally sits on the rock, is advantageously positioned parallel to the lake and opens to the south. The large, windowed facade, protected by the overhanging roofing, creates excellent passive solar gains in the winter while preventing overheating in the summer. This eco-friendly residence also benefits from a green roof which absorbs heat and protects the roof’s waterproof membrane, thereby extending its lifespan. The envelope features the use of healthy, green, natural and durable materials, all while providing superior energy efficiency.

For this green home, cross-laminated timber (CLT) was used for the structural walls, floors, ceilings and roof, in addition to providing an interior finish. CLT contributes to the passive home design and provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Lastly, its hygroscopic qualities help to regulate the indoor air quality.

La qualité globale de la conception, de la main d’oeuvre et de la construction

Infiltrometer performance tests surpassing Novoclimat 2.0 and Passive House requirements
Residence anchored to the roc

Une approche bioclimatique de l’architecture

Solar gains
Natural ventilation

Une conception intégrée au site

Optimization of views
Construction adapted to the sloping site

Le choix des matériaux

Healthy, natural and local materials
CLT sourced from a PEFC certified forest

Une enveloppe écoénergétique et efficace

High-performing envelope (0.47 ACH)
Controlled thermal bridges

Une gestion intelligente des ressources naturelles et énergétiques

Rainwater recovery
Green roof

Confort, santé et esthétisme

Open space
Clean air