Teamwork is our strength. TERGOS is made up of individuals with diverse and complementary backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to forge ahead, to push our limits and to design, propose and make innovative solutions a reality for our clients.

Geneviève Mainguy - Co-partner–Founder


Senior Architect, Member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec
Director of Architecture Operations

Thanks to her recognized leadership qualities and her innovative vision, Geneviève has been a driving force behind TERGOS’s success. As director of the architecture department since 2003, she incarnates nothing less than the stability of the company and is a strong pillar to rely on. With a keen intelligence and insatiable curiosity, Geneviève’s honesty and straightforwardness make her an indispensable manager who pushes us to always do our best.

Sébastien Gaudreault - Co-partner


Director of Construction Operations
Construction Project Manager

With Sébastien, stuff gets done. Progress is made, projects become reality, and everything is always well done. We don’t know why, but the man seems to have 48-hour days. Without Sébastien, TERGOS wouldn’t be TERGOS. His ambition, interests, knowledge and professionalism help to further the company’s mission. Dedicated as all get-out to quality and the environment, he ensures that projects are well-coordinated.

Yann Grenier - Co-partner


Senior Professional Technologist, Member of the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec
General Contractor and Site Superintendent

Professional, reliable and a perfectionist, Yann is our superintendent. He oversees all of the project sites and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Yann also manages the construction teams and subcontractors who bring their specialities to the table in order to make projects a reality. He finds creative solutions to the problems that invariably arise on all work sites. Yann joined senior management in 2005 and since then has become a pillar of the company.

Anabel Arsenault

Intermediate Architect, Member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec
Certified Passive Home Designer and Architecture Project Manager

Holding a master’s in architecture from Université Laval, Anabel worked in the Netherlands for one year before becoming an integral part of TERGOS’s success. She always goes about her work intelligently, whether it involves a small-scale, residential or commercial project, contemporary design or sustainable development principles. Appreciative of architectural quality, she always tries to integrate projects with their site and to create living spaces that harmonize with their surroundings. With a focus on energy efficiency, she has also developed a specialization as a Certified Passive House Designer. You’ve got a partner in Anabel.

Marc Belzile

Carpenter–Senior Woodworker, Journeyperson

“The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering.” – Ram Dass. Calm and patient as a saint, Marc easily adapts to new situations. In addition to being creative and multi-talented, he is the perfect complement to TERGOS’s construction teams.

Martin Forand

Carpenter–Senior Woodworker, Journeyperson

A true and proud construction man who has done it all… Starting up construction sites and raising structures are his thing! With TERGOS pride, Martin is an excellent ambassador for our technique; he excels at using environmentally responsible construction materials and techniques.

Nancy Fortin

Financial Controller and Accounting Manager

Nancy is exactitude incarnate. She likes numbers. Having worked with TERGOS for many years now, she is always there for us when we need her and she shares our vision.


Rémi Hovington Jr.

Architect, Member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec
Design Manager

Rémi is passionate about design and architecture. His work at TERGOS sets the bar high. As a senior architect and technologist, his creative and pragmatic spirit lends itself to designing high quality architectural projects where every aspect is carefully analyzed. He builds trusting relationships with clients that lead to solid partnerships.

Lilie Labbé

Junior Professional Technologist

With Lilie on our team, we feel like someone has our back! She loves to always learn more, do more and go the extra mile. Our architectural technologist dove right in at TERGOS Architecture and Construction. A go-getter who is as persevering as two people combined, Lilie ensures that projects have the support they need so that things go smoothly.

Vincent Lebrun

Carpenter–Woodworker, Journeyperson

Vincent shares TERGOS’s values. And he is known to travel to work sites by bike. In good weather and bad, he loves working outside, especially in the snow! His patience and loyalty make him the ultimate finishing carpenter. Vincent is also our site safety supervisor.

Matthieu Loiseau

Carpenter–Senior Woodworker, Journeyperson

Matthieu studied and began his career in the environmental field. He later developed a passion for woodworking in New Zealand. At TERGOS, he has finally been able to combine the two!  Matthieu loves working outside, finishing buildings, tinwork, renovation and, most of all, music! He enjoys teamwork and, at TERGOS, Mathieu definitely has his place.

Julien Nury

Carpenter–Woodworker, Journeyperson

Julien is a passionate and truly dynamic person.  Like lightning, Julien is able to be everywhere at once, which is more than practical on a work site. But he hates twiddling his thumbs. Meticulous in his work, Julien has been excellently trained in stair construction.

Photographes: Ève Drouin et Stéphane Bourgeois