2017 – Looking Back With Our Eyes on the Future

By Alejandro Montero, President and Founder

Welcome to TERGOS Architecture + Construction!

TERGOS is celebrating its sixteenth birthday this year! That’s right, almost an adult already, our beloved green building architecture firm and construction company, born in 2001, will celebrate its Sweet 16th this spring.

The word “TERGOS” is a creation that dates back to 1997. I got the idea for the name when I was a university student studying architecture. It comes from the Latin terra and the Greek word ergos, which respectively mean earth and work. Four years later, with this idea in mind, I founded the company as a self-employed individual. Tergos perfectly describes the company’s daily raison d’être: to work with the Earth by combining architecture and green building. Passing the 16-year mark is a milestone in the life of all companies.

Founding an architectural services company was just the beginning. Initially, I worked alone but, two years later, Geneviève Mainguy – currently the director of operations in the architecture department – joined the company. At the beginning of the century, finding general contractors who wanted to build according to our plans and concept wasn’t easy. That’s why, in 2003, this constraint proved to be an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and to give birth to an architecture and construction company – a two-headed beast, as we like to call it. TERGOS then became a fully operational company with the arrival of Yann Grenier on the team as site director and superintendent. Today, our initial trio has transformed into a team of more than 20 individuals, including Sébastien Gaudreault, recently integrated as the director of operations for the construction division.

According to Forbes magazine: “7 out of 10 new employer firms survive at least 2 years, half at least 5 years, a third at least 10 years and a quarter stay in business 15 years or more.” In Québec, according to a study conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development, only 12% of companies working in the construction industry are still in business ten years after their creation.

With 15 years of experience to its credit, TERGOS is still offering turnkey services in the architecture, construction and real estate fields. With nearly 700 projects under its belt, our projects have ranged from consultations and feasibility studies, to the design of 100+ unit apartment buildings and the construction of the Lévis Ferry Terminal’s engineered wood (CLT) roof assembly.

TERGOS is here for good.

After the crises that every adolescent must go through, we have become calm, confident young adults with a solid grasp of who we are. That’s why, to celebrate this milestone, we’ve decided to clarify and simplify our identity and to completely overhaul our website. I’m sure you’ll agree – it needed it! Our vision and mission are very clear and well-defined:

MISSION : TERGOS designs & builds sustainable, environmentally responsible and living buildings that improve our living conditions on Earth. We are a source of inspiration for generations to come thanks to the ingenuity, aesthetics and quality of life that our projects offer. 

TERGOS is an undeniable leader in architecture and green building in Canada and across the world.

Through thick and thin, we get up every morning and we dedicate ourselves to our clients and making their projects a success. We’re dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to see things through to the end.

But beyond our vision, we also believe that all architecture and every building that is constructed must be environmentally sound – it has become indispensable today, regardless of who designs it, or who builds it. However, we want to be known for doing more than simply producing sustainable architecture. Green buildings can be ugly, too expensive and built without respecting current codes. Whereas, we want to be known for our business ethics, our honesty, our know-how and our ability to complete projects on schedule and within the established budget. We want to be known for the quality and beauty of our designs and constructions.

Our expertise goes far beyond the fact that we create sustainable architecture and buildings!

That is why we have decided to remove the word “ecological” from our name. We didn’t like being labelled and being boxed into an extremely specific niche which, in fact, reduced us to something less than what we actually are. The word – even though we had adopted it for all the right reasons since it brought our raison d’être to the fore – pigeonholed us and worked to our detriment in many cases over the years.

Let me be clear: TERGOS is and always will be committed to green and environmentally responsible architecture, construction and real estate development. And, “since this is 2017,” we are more than ever convinced that it is important to do so, in a big way. Eliminating the word “ecological” from our brand image frees us from the shackles that were preventing us from accessing a larger pool of projects and which, in the end, prevented us from fulfilling our mission.

You will find that every one of our projects abides by the same criteria, which we call the seven pillars of sustainable and green building:

  1. Quality, above all;
  2. Bioclimatic design;
  3. Integration with the site;
  4. Choice of materials;
  5. Energy efficiency;
  6. Resource management;
  7. Aesthetics and comfort.

What sets us apart in the world of architecture and construction is that we are, above all else, authentic. We sincerely want to make our planet a better place to live. This is why we are committed to success. Without further ado, click on the little TERGOS icon in the top left of the page and discover our new and improved website.

Unus : It is much more user-friendly: you’ll be dazzled scrolling through;
Duo : It showcases the three spheres that our firm works in: Architecture, Construction and Real Estate Development;
Tres : Our award-winning work takes centre stage;
Quattuor : A system of categories and sub-categories allows you to quickly browse the site and consult the project that interests you;
Quinque : Well, is there really anything else to add? Go see for yourself!

Enjoy !

Our re-branding and website design was entrusted to the team at Turbulences, our “comm girls,” as we like to call them. I would like to thank them for their attention to detail and impeccable execution. They are team players and that is the quality we look for in our shareholders, associates, employees and suppliers. For us, collaboration is the key to success.